Complete Business Packages

Complete Packages for turn-key Adventure Businesses

Our flagship business development package takes place over many months, providing you with every tool that you could need for your business, from start to finish. Services include a comprehensive business strategy and documented plan, weekly/monthly support, special invitations to client-only training events, and access to a broad range of tools and resources that we will create, just for your business. With a Total Start-Up Package you will feel like Strategic Adventures has become part of your team.

Here is what you will get:

• A complete business plan, to outline your strategy and appeal to investors
Marketing strategy, with detailed documentation of the steps you need to take
Curriculum development, to support the development and quality of your products
Staff/future staff skills analysis, to ensure that your training and recruiting dollars are being used in the best way possible
Staff training, based on the latest industry standards
• New employee recruitment and review (where applicable), so that you are guaranteed to hire the best staff for your organization
• Complete set of office and administrative forms, created based on the highest level of business standards
Proposal and other sales templates, written by skilled business professionals, with your clients in mind
Customer satisfaction surveys, tailored to your business and based on years of market research
• Set-up of strategic marketing alliances and referral sources, so that the phone calls keep coming in
• Detailed development calendar, to help you with those day-to-day tasks
3 year budgets, so that you can keep looking  ahead in your business development, without breaking the bank
Phone coaching, for those moments where you just aren’t sure what to do next
Marketing materials development, so that your website and print materials speak to your desires, and your clients’ needs
• ... and much more

 A new business is an investment that you want to take seriously. We are here to ensure that you make the right moves, every step of the way. Call or email us today to see if a Total Start-Up Package is right for you.