Marketing Systems Management

Marketing Systems Management

Facebook. Twitter. Wordpress. Tumblr. You’ve heard that you’re supposed to have these social media portals, and you may have even set up one or more of them, but how are you supposed to maintain them all yourself? More importantly, what’s the point of  having these accounts - or even worse - paid accounts - if you don’t actually use them? 

We know you are busy running your adventure business, and that’s why we are excited to be launching our new marketing systems management products. Strategic Adventures can take care of all of your marketing needs, from initial development to sending out consistent Twitter updates. Every client is unique, which is why we go to great lengths to select the best and most appropriate marketing systems for your organization. 

Your marketing management program will fall into one of the three following categories: 

Total Marketing 

Our flagship marketing product takes care of all of your marketing needs from start to finish. We will develop and maintain all forms of print and web materials, ensuring that the material stays true to your brand identity and, most importantly, your company’s mission and vision. Components of this undertaking may include creating and distributing print marketing materials, website development, search engine optimization, and all services included in our online media package. 

Online Media 

We cannot stress the importance of maintaining websites, newsletters, and other forms of online marketing for one simple reason: you are paying money for the use of these tools. Even if you are using a platform blog or a free AdWords coupon, the time that you put into setting these tools up is a valuable resource. In order to ensure that these tools are being maximized, Strategic Adventures will first determine which forms of online media will be most effective for your organization. We will take care of the initial setup, ensuring that all portals are synched with your social media sites and that your brand image and company vision are consistent throughout each and every aspect of your online media. A full Online Media package includes all consultation, initial setup, one year of maintenance, and all services provided in our Social Media package. 

Social Media 

Whether you choose to be a serial Tweeter or LinkedIn maven, establish meaningful online relationships or optimize the SEO capabilities of social media, Strategic Adventures will confer with you to determine which social media outlets are most appropriate to your organization’s mission and vision. A full social media challenge package includes consultation, setup, and one years’ worth of updating and maintenance for any sites that you choose to leverage. 

Call or today to find out which package is right for you!