Stephanie Sibille

With experience in technology and Experiential Education, Stephanie is the ideal match for Strategic Adventures. Her unique blend of creativity, unrelenting attention to detail, and fascination with online media allow her to consistently deliver flawless content in written and digital form. Stephanie has served as a challenge course facilitator, corporate trainer, program manager and Outward Bound instructor. She specializes in content writing, video production, and online media. Past clients include Grand Dynamics International, the Western Region Association for Experiential Education and Northern Arizona University.

Above all else, Stephanie delights in employing her unique skill set to aid practitioners in communicating the value of their work to the greater global community. She holds a bachelor's degree from New York University and resides in Connecticut.
Stephanie's primary roles at Strategic Adventures include:

  •     Copy writing and editing
  •     Social Media development and implementation
  •     Collecting and Compiling Data