Rock Climbing Gym Business

Growing a Rock Climbing Gym Business

Are you looking to increase the monthly memberships at your rock climbing gym? Or are you more inclined to expand your rock gym and build that new bouldering cave that you have always dreamed of? Perhaps you aren’t sure what direction you need to grow in, but you know one thing: you need to grow. No matter what changes need to be made to your climbing gym, one thing is for certain: we can help.

Oftentimes, the best way to start with your gym’s improvements is to do some research and create a strategic plan, to determine exactly what you want, and what makes the most sense. Depending on what the outcome is – based on market research, site visits, and conversations with the stakeholders (you and your partners) – we may go in one of several directions.

If you are thriving, but want to grow your facility, we can look at revising your existing business plan in order to expand business financing options so that you can put in that new wall, and can provide operations support once it is in place. If you want to get more bodies in the door, a marketing plan may be the best option. We can explore what marketing tools you may need, including a website and other marketing materials. And if the phone calls are coming in but the memberships are not selling, we may want to look at conducting a sales training, paired with some business coaching.

If all of this seems like a lot, not to worry – we are committed to finding the most appropriate business development solution for YOUR rock climbing gym. Call us at 888-553-0167 or to find out what we can create for you.