Rock Climbing Gym Business

New Rock Climbing Gym Business

Maybe you’re climbing 5.12 and you want to share your skill with others. Or maybe you don’t even know what 5.12 is, but you do know that rock climbing gyms are an increasingly popular fitness option for adventure seekers and novices alike. Either way, you know what you want your next business venture to be, but are not sure to go about getting started. That’s where we come in.

The first step is to conduct a feasibility study, to find out if your rock gym venture will be profitable. After some initial market research, we will send our team to your site to take a look at the venue and meet with your key stakeholders to determine if this is a viable business venture. Once we have conducted the study, we will provide a full written report our findings, where we will hopefully tell you that this should to be a profitable venture (fact: every client who has gotten our official “thumbs up” and has pursued their business has either met or exceeded our financial expectations!)

The next step is to write a business plan for your climbing gym. We can take care of everything from market data to the marketing plan to copy writing, and can even research business financing. Not only will the business plan help you get your ideas on paper, but it will be written specifically with investors in mind.

Once you have a plan and the finances are locked in, we can proceed with making your rock climbing gym dream come true. In addition to website and financing services, we can provide marketing plans and marketing materials, support in your general operations, and supply long-term business coaching, even when you have become the hottest weeknight spot in town.

So how do you get started? Call us at 888-553-0167 or to find out how we can help you start the climbing gym of your dreams!