• Paul is an excellent trainer and leaves clients with tons of usable information, systems and strategies.

    Tom Leahy
    Leahy and Associates
  • There are many business consultants out there and as a small business owner, my money is very important to me. From my first meeting with Paul of Strategic Adventures, I understood that he was competent and cared about working with me to deliver results. Paul listened to my needs and concerns while continually keeping to his proven process for success. He allowed me to feel ownership of the change in my marketing and comfortable knowing that he was there to guide me and share what works. Within 2 weeks of working with Paul, I made 400% of my investment back. From then, I have continued to follow his lessons and apply them to my Team Building & Leadership practice.

    Michael Cardus
  • Bottom line: Strategic Adventures makes me dramatically more money than I spend with them! I have purchased three different services a total of five times from them and I am never disappointed. Implementing their system generates more revenue, decreases expenses and process loss, and helps train our entire organization to be marketers! Why WOULDN'T you hire them? Frankly, I'd hire someone I didn't like, if they could produce the results Paul can. But it makes it so much more FUN, when a vendor
    has the integrity, values, and approachability of Paul and his team. These are genuinely nice people, as well as proven experts.

    Mark Rowland
    Peak Performance
  • It is my pleasure to thank you and your entire team at Strategic Adventures for all of the hard work that everyone put into my business plan. I realize that I had very high expectations throughout the project and I am ecstatic with the level of detail integrated into it and the quality of the final product. I am extremely excited to start reaching out to investors and begin pitching this month with such a strong foundation. Additionally, I would like to say that your team's level of customer service was what truly made my experience feel exceptional.

    The majority of my interaction was with John and I just want to specifically mention that his professionalism & responsiveness exceeded all of my expectations. It made such an impact on me that in areas where I did not have enough information to make an educated decision, John went above and beyond to explain options to me and enhance my understanding all around. For entering a new venture that is out of my area of expertise, I can not begin to describe how valuable this was. Finally, his painstaking effort in creating the strong financial package for me, that is the foundation of my project, was truly appreciated!

    Kirsten Gallagher
    Laughing Lizard Adventure Park
  • In a manner that perfectly matches the personality and style of Challenge Works, Paul consistently exceeded expectations. Product quality and delivery were perfect.

    Kennerly de Forest
    Challenge Works
  • Paul, We wanted to drop you a note of gratitude for the work you did with us last week. Your knowledge, guidance, and coaching were spot on, prompting us to take on a fresh and dynamic perspective regarding the future of our companies and products. We are looking at our business in an entirely new light, and we are working hard and fast to re-invent our sales practices. The realization that our marketing is not integrated will lead us to make choices that will drive clients to us, rather than going after them.  Additionally, thanks for the connections you are forging. Again, thank you for your expertise!

    Ken and Patti Leith
    Edges, Inc.
  • Paul's training and development knowledge paired with his strategic business vision and acumen make for certain success! From his Facilitative Sales Training and Business Development Plan, I have seen success in new program design, marketing, re-branding and roll out. Upon successful implementation of the Facilitative Sales Training, I saw my business grow by 80% in the first year alone! Paul felt more like a partner than a consultant, and was invested and committed to our success. I can't recommend him highly enough!

    Kari Alexander
    George Mason University
  • There was a tremendous amount of information, and unlike some other workshops I’ve attended, none of what I learned at the FST was fluff. The day I returned to work, I thought I’d give my new found training the real world test, and I did, with a very large world-wide hotel chain and although we are just in the beginning of the process, I hung up the phone with an overwhelming feeling of “this can work”. I would highly recommend anyone in this or any other sales minded industry to go through this experience. The fee for the workshop just shows the value of the experience and what can be gained from it, with just a little effort. A job well done Paul!

    Jason Chartrand
    North Star Adventure at Dutch Springs
  • We attended the Facilitative Sales Training, and within one week of the training we booked enough programs to pay for the training. We use techniques from the curriculum on a weekly basis. The techniques created a transition with our corporate clientele.

    J. J. Pitman
    University of Arkansas
  • Paul is intentional, organized, and detail oriented in his consulting. He listens carefully to ensure he provides the service you need more than the service you want.

    Francis Morgan-Gallo
    Washington State University
  • Paul, Thanks so much for your training program. What I really gained from the program was a shift in terms of how I saw our business. Are we a one time ropes course event company or can we provide long term programming for our clients? Your emphasis is that we should approach clients with a long term relationship in mind. I’d like to share a “win” that we had using this approach. We were contacted by a prospect that told us they wanted a one time program for their staff. Instead of booking that program, we met with them 3 times, and as a result, booked a much larger program, which will extend over a period of 6 months. I’m sure we wouldn’t have approached the client in the way we did without your training. This one client will have paid for the cost of the training, many times over. Thanks again.

    Dov Pear
    Project Ascent
  • Paul is one of those individuals that, when I want a fresh perspective on an issue, I look to for stimulating conversation. He has a way of presenting a different idea or way of seeing things that opens up possibilities. I find him well read, thoughtful, and fun to be around at the same time!

    Betsey Upchurch
    Bristlecone Learning, LLC